It's been a busy few weeks as the sun peers down upon Melbourne for the first time in many months! But now Fringe is over, and with it, the first ever proper season of Set List, a new musical improvisation format with a great deal of potential. We only got near to realising that potential on the last night, though I still think the second show was very good, too. It was a product of not enough time spent on the right things, and there'll be a lot of words and discussion before I get involved with another season, but I hope we do bring it back and do it right.

I am proud of that last show, though, and of some of my improvised lyrics, including our very last song, a "We Are the World" style charity single which ended up being for that much forgotten cause, feline AIDS. My favourite line: "People think that cats get AIDS from havin' unprotected sex like mugs / but the truth is most cats get feline AIDS from usin' intravenous drugs". The refrain was also cute: "Get spayed, not kitty AIDS"...I like to think there was a little serious message mixed in with that frivolity.

This week is still busy, though; we've had a short cycle for this month's Anarchist Guild Social Committee, so we've been putting hard yards in rehearsing our arses off; its particularly interesting for me because, while I'm not performing in it much, I am directing this month's show, so in a way it'll be a more me show than usual... We'll see how it goes. I'm excited about our guests: we have Die Roten Punkte - who've been getting JJJ airplay! - and my old friend Scott Gooding, whose return to the stage in a one-man sketch comedy show, Eric, was nothing short of a triumph. Plus the usual Anarchist nonsense. For all the stress and occasional confusion, it really is a joyous show to be involved with.

The other surprising news is that I've had a bunch of corporate gig requests come out of nowhere - one for tonight for the CSIRO, one for Thursday at Melbourne Uni (which admittedly was booked six months ago), and one in December on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast! I'm still waiting to find out how they heard of me up there...

But there's no rest for the wicked. Adelaide Fringe registrations closed on Friday, and at the last minute I had to say no to doing a tour at the South Australian Museum, since they wanted to charge me a hire fee, plus the cost of extra security, to use their space - it wasn't tenable with that factored into the budget. I should still be at Adelaide Fringe for the Anarchist Guild, though, and hopefully I'll still do another comedy tour here for Comedy Festival - and I've a new show, or maybe two or three, in the works as well...

So many ideas, so little time!

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