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Thanks to [ profile] delve's recent post, I have decided to read at least one novel written by every author named in the Moxy Früvous song, My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors. I have a bit of a head start, having already read some Margaret Atwood, and bought a book by Doris Lessing.

Man... those Früvous guys can do anything.
Well, not only is the show going rather well - two quite well-sold nights so far, but then it is the first week - but last night I was informed that our short film M: Faith in chocolate is up for eight awards in the 15 in 15 competition, including, rather unexpectedly, Best Actor. As in me. Unexpected, I say, because while I thought the film was overall very good, I thought my performance in it was, shall we say, crap.

I'm not so sure that being nominated for an award has changed my mind, but it certainly goes to show that, as I've been informed by my fellow actors, film is a very different experience. Not just in terms of the technical aspects - not that they're that much different from those of theatre - but in terms of the importance of performance from a directorial and audience point of view.

The actor's bar, it seems, is lowered in film. Not too far (thankfully) in the mainstream, but when you're talking about short film made in one day with little to no access to the script beforehand, zero rehearsal, no time for more than a few takes and certainly no time (or inclination, really, but again that's film for you) for performance direction, then I guess you need to cut the actors some slack.

And for the curious...
Red Letter Day - a day of importance, joy or celebration. From the enduring custom of printing religious and important days in red on calendars.


Jan. 7th, 2002 10:11 am
Just in case you were wondering, as I was, where that comes from, it's actually pretty straightforward. Here's a definition from

raincheck. A slip or chit given to a customer in compensation for services promised but not received, usually redeemable for the identical service at a later date. For example, patrons of a rained-out sporting event will receive a coupon good for admission to a game later in the season.

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