Happy birthday to me! What could be a better birthday present than being on stage in my first ever Comedy Festival? Well, not much. But the show opened with a bang on Wednesday, which is awesome. Sorry I haven't been around much.

Still, things to tell; I managed a brief mention in "Hail the stage for the wackier wackos", an article in The Age about Comedy @ Trades, and the Groggy Squirrel, Melbourne's online comedy magazine, has posted the first review. (There should be at least three more over the next few days - I had a lot of reviewers in last night.)

So far, for my birthday this year, I have received the best lunchbox in the world (it has a Stegosaurus on it - thanks Anniene!) and a glass of Guinness. So far, so awesome. But tonight I'm going to see some more Festival shows, which will be great. I hope to see as much as possible this year, though my schedule is tight...

Last night I saw Kate McLennan's The Debutante Diaries. Fantastic character-based comedy. The closest thing we ever had to a deb in high school was the Year 12 Formal, but even so I recognised so much of what happened and there's darkness, biting satire, and even some completely wrong stuff in there as well. I recommend it.

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