Dec. 20th, 2006 12:04 am
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Okay, now, I'm a pretty big fan of Spicks and Specks and Rockwiz both - they're very different shows - but I just watched the John Barrowman episode of Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

It shat all over both Australian equivalents. (Though to be fair, Rockwiz is an original format as far as I'm aware, whereas S&S is consciously modelled after Buzzcocks in much the same way that Good News Week was modelled after Have I Got News For You.)

I need to either move to a country with proper television, or head to a studio with some biting wit, a posse of more-acerbic-than-cuddly comedians and a bucket of smut and dirty words, because that's what it takes to be truly entertaining. Each team got precisely four questions on NMTB and the rest was hilarious (and filthy) banter. And I loved every second. That Simon Anstell bloke - genius. (Don't worry Adam Hills and Alan Brough (who is surprisingly similar in many ways to his NMTB counterpart Phil Jupitus, except for his more family friendly S&S persona), you're a genius too, but unless S&S gets moved to ABC2 I doubt you'll ever be allowed to say fuck or make jokes about having sex with one of your male guests.)


Sep. 3rd, 2005 01:19 pm
What could be better than an all-girl rock band cover of Fat Bottomed Girls nothing.
I was wrong. The Five Venoms

I finally had a birthday drink or two, and my face was rocked so hard the rest of my body had to get rocked as well to stop my face from being destroyed. The Five Venoms

Now it's time for new Doctor Who and fixing a friend's ex-girlfriend's laptop. The Five Venoms

No, I don't know why either. The Five Venoms
Everything to Everyone, the new Barenaked Ladies album, has been playing on my CD players for the last three days. It has a different feel to the last two, but there's a definite transition between the albums. Stunt was very upbeat with a feel good sound, though there was the usual BNL trick of writing an upbeat tune about something sad or even horrible. Maroon had a first half like Stunt, but in the middle took a dive into slower and more mellow tracks. Everything to Everyone is at the end of that dive, and is mostly quite mellow. Indeed, even the happy tracks are quite slow by comparison, with the exception of "Shopping" (which features guest percussion by the Blue Man Group). Stand out tracks for me include "Celebrity," which examines the loneliness of fame (which is quite different to the reality for the Ladies, who all seem to have a ball on tour), and "Another Postcard," this album's more bizarre answer to Stunt's "One Week." Overall, not as good as Stunt, but on par with Maroon; a pleasure. And I haven't even watched the DVD which came with the limited edition yet, either.

I'm being bored by training, but given the volume and kinds of calls I listened in on for training purposes the other day, I think this job will be a doddle. I may even enjoy it a little. I'm already a veritable expert on CityLink, though, so if you have any questions bring them on.

Apparently I'm missing "Life After Baywatch." Oh no.

Don't call me a zero I'm gonna be a hero
Like Phil Esposito or the Kennedys

Stop Press

Oct. 26th, 2003 03:03 pm
The Barenaked Ladies have released their new album, Everything to Everyone, available in a special limited edition with a DVD featuring, among other things, an additional 11 acoustic songs. Is this the best week of my life or something? I, it's been a good week.

If your week hasn't been as good as mine, post your problems below and I'll fix them, because this week I am the King of Spain, Good Times and Rock And Roll.
Thanks to all you guys who came out on Friday and for my birthday last night. Both rocked in all the right ways, frankly the two best nights of my year so far - and I anticipate more to come.

Oh, and after Friday night I'm no longer in denial: I am a Rammstein fan. It's hard and it rocks and frankly I love singing in German. Plus, I requested my favourite track (Sonne, from Mutter) which never gets played at clubs, and by all that's Deustch, they played it! Excitement all round.

It's the music and the clothes (well, let's be honest: the clothes the girls wear) that keeps me in goth circles, and I'm back in the groove of just enjoying it. Though watch out Retro - I'm 23 now and I'm taking no prisoners in my mission to dance hard and party like it's 2099!
I'm listening to Manowar (yes, the Manowar) singing the chorus of Lady Marmalade, and inciting their crowd to do the same.

"We've been working on a song for all the French girls..."

It seems even metal bands have caught Moulin Rouge fever...although I don't know how old this track is.
So. They Might Be Giants. How were they?

They rocked. Hard. Admittedly, I was less than impressed at the fact that the tickets were marked 8:30 and yet nothing happened on stage for the best part of two hours, particularly when I had a party I also wanted to be at the same night.

Lazaro's Dog, an otherwise excellent support act, didn't endear themselves to most of the audience when they decided to open with the line "We have some bad news: They Might Be Giants couldn't make it tonight; neither could Lazaro's Dog. So you've got us, Du Hast, the Australian Rammstein show." I figured out who they were after some confusion, but they're not terribly well known, so when someone in the crowd demanded loudly to know who they were I wasn't too surprised. It was when they asked the same question of the Giants later in the night that got me...

But Lazaro's Dog got into gear and pumped it up, performing their hit "Home Entertainment System" as well as a surprisingly good cover of "Sway" and a number of songs about tits and/or arses.

But then, after an interval of half an hour or more, the main attraction took the stage.

I never realised that John Linnel looks and sounds astoundingly like David Spade. Despite his relative stillness (John Flansburgh was jumping about all over the stage), he conveyed a sense of fun and energy just playing a keyboard and grinning lop-sidedly.

These guys were having fun. It certainly seemed that way. They played hard, they sang hard, they improv'd hard. And they rocked. Hard. They even came back for two encores, although the audience worked hard for them. They were well worth the amount of noise we had to make.

The only small disappointment was that they didn't perform Particle Man, and hence didn't do the Particle Man dance (made famous for me by Ollie - and now I'm thinking of Ollie, I'm missing him, but I digress). Frustratingly, they plugged their late-addition to the tour - Sunday night's concert - explaining that it was a different show, the Flood show, in which the first 45 minutes would contain all the tracks from the popular album Flood in order ("If we can remember the order." "But through the miracle of teleprompters and other technology...").

Ah well. I had my night of TMBG. And by Bob, it rocked!

That's almost a song title, isn't it? I've been listening to the German lads' latest album, Mutter ("Mother"), and it rocks. If you haven't seen the film clip for Sonne, which involves a bunch of miners slaving away for a giant Disney Snow White, then you're definitely missing out - and the song has a Beatles influence, containing the chorus lyric "Here comes the sun" (though in German, of course, so "Hier kommt die Sonne").

I just hope these guys don't take themselves seriously, because that's the only thing that would totally ruin them for me.

All set...

Nov. 22nd, 2001 02:00 pm
Well, I'm excited now. I just bought my tickets to the They Might Be Giants concert here in Melbourne on the 8th of December. Woohoo! What's more, the support act is Lazaro's Dog; you may not know their name, but you've probably heard their song "Home Entertainment System." It rocks! And so will the concert.

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