For those of you who had their doubts, this photo is the evidence that I grew that moustache to be Einstein. Check it out (checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout checkitout...):

I thought about springing this on you all as I met you, but frankly, it's too awesome to leave until then. And remember, it's all Albert's fault - I'm portraying the 26-year-old Einstein for the Melbourne Physics Forum, thanks to the Einstein International Year of Physics.


the Moustache

PS - I read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I don't see what the critics are supposedly up in arms about, the writing's at the same mediocre standard as always, but the plotting and characterisation...well, I got the same kick out of it as I did before, even if it's a bit backstory exposition heavy. But Rowling'd better write the last one soon or people will start crying for her blood... (Please keep any comments spoiler-free.)
I couldn't remember who Greg Wise was, so I looked him up. Turns out he played Willoughby, a character I despise, so I'm not upset I'd forgotten, but the search led me in a roundabout way to the greatest photo I have seen in some time:

Bill Nigh kissing Emma Thompson

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I've never looked back since The Tall Guy. It couldn't happen to a more awesome guy than Mr. Bill Nigh.

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