So, after a long absence, I think I might post here again. Just occasionally, you know? It's nice to have a personal blog space, not like my book blog (which is focussed on, well, books), or my work blogs (work as in trying to maintain some kind of profile as a comedian), or Twitter (which I have taken to like some kind of aquatic fowl to the local lake), or Facebook (where I've been laying low; it's really weird to continue to hear about the exploits of people who've left your life, especially when you didn't want them to and/or you feel weird/guilty about it).

So what to write about? Well, I should mention Dungeon Crawl, I suppose - my D&D inspired impro show is now going to be on monthly in Melbourne, which is pretty sweet. The first one is next Wednesday (February 2), but you can read about it at the link.

I should also say that I spend my Australia Day on a mountain at the wedding of an old friend and it was one of the best wedding ceremonies I've ever seen. It made me glad to know that even in my current state of uncertainty, grief and recovery, I can still find joy in the happiness of others. And they were so very happy, though - and this is perhaps my favourite part - no more happy than they are all the time because they truly love each other. This wasn't a "squeeze all happiness into a single moment that will never be equalled again" kind of wedding, but a true expression and celebration of a love that has and will endure. I love you guys.

What else? I did a marathon of the (extant) Twilight movies last night. There was a drinking game. Surprisingly, we got pretty drunk during the first film, but and a bit during the second, but the third one didn't offer too many drinking moments. The third one is the best, by the way. But I'm still opposed to the whole thing. Bella is the single worst female character I have ever encountered in fiction: powerless, feckless, helpless...just less. She makes no decisions about her own life, and is entirely defined by her "love" for Edward, which of course is instant and everlasting and never questioned in any kind of rational way. It makes me a little sick, actually; possibly this is because I recently lost the love of my life-so-far because she was too young to know I was right enough for her. And she was 25. This film tells young women that at 17, it's fine to instantly fall for the man you will stay with for the rest of your life, though at least she's a little weird about getting married and slightly normal about wanting to get it on.

Anyway, I live-tweeted during the whole thing. It only ended up costing me two followers, and a couple of people thanked me for watching on their behalf so they don't have to. To be honest I had fun, but the thought that anyone might see anything admirable in the OTT "romantic" shenanigans indulged by the main characters is abhorrent to me.

To balance it all out, I'm going to see True Grit today. Should be quite a balancin', I reckon. Yup.
Yes, I've read three Asimov books (plus one short story) in a row: all of the Elijah Baley/Daneel Olivaw detective stories, the Robot novels.

It hasn't taken long. I've inhaled them. Asimov is like Pratchett in that respect, at least in these books - a page turner, a joy to read. As Dave said, it's ice cream. Other books I've read recently I've enjoyed, but it's been a considered enjoyment.

For those who don't know, I've embarked on a reading project this year, documented at a new blog, My Blog Loves a Bunch of Authors. I'm quite behind, because some of the books I've read have not been ice cream. Instead, they've been something spicy, enjoyable but leaving an odd taste behind. Another was something new, a foreign dish, tried gingerly and very satisfying once digested, but also changing my understanding of food and the culture and world that creates it. But it pains me a little that, even though I do discuss my reading habits on that blog, I only add books from the project in the "Books Read" list, and it looks like I've been very lazy. This is especially sad considering how I've just reignited my passion for reading and have fired through three novels in three weeks (the last of which bigger than the first two combined!).

Currently the project is on hold because I have yet to locate a book by the next author on my list: Pierre Berton. He's a Canadian, and what's more an historian and columnist. Finding his books in Australia is proving...difficult. I may have to revise my own rules...

While you're here, allow me to spruik the brief return season of my beloved's excellent Comedy Festival show, World War Wonderful. This Thursday to Sunday - that's June 4 to 7 - 9pm (8pm Sunday) at the Butterfly Club (details and bookings on their web site). If you like the idea of boogie song and dance in the style of the Andrews Sisters, but with a dark satirical anti-war flavour, then get along! I'll be there Thursday and possibly Sunday.

Impro Sundae is free this Sunday. Just this Sunday. It's free. Two hours of top-notch professional improvised comedy for nix. Take as many people as you want. Just go. It'll be grand. Great lineup this week: MC Matt Elsbury directs the comedy madness of Adam Vincent, Adam McKenzie, Janelle Koenig, Benne Harrison, Scott Steensma, Andrew McClelland and of course Dan Walmsley on keys. Be there. 5pm, Sunday, Comic's Lounge, North Melbourne.

On an unrlated but surreal note, I feel like I have been living in a Richard Curtis romantic comedy since Friday. I am surprisingly relaxed about the whole thing. I'll let you know how it goes.
It seems, if recent advice given to me is anything to go by, that there comes a time in every young man's life when, regardless of his previous opinions and behaviour, he just has to accept that what he really wants is sex and he should go and out find some. And yet, I'm still drifting from crush to crush, wishing for something more involved than a score via the dancefloor with someone years younger and very drunk.

Perhaps I need to stop talking to such jaded, cynical people all the time.
Sorry about the title, I stole it from The Truth About Cats and Dogs. It was one of those moments when a five-minute viewing of something seemed to speak to you personally, however inaccurately (i.e. I don't feel maimed, just disappointed).

In any case, I have a story to tell: I asked a girl out on Friday.

See, I haven't done that before. Not in the literal sense of saying to someone I kinda like but don't know well "So, I was wondering, if sometime you're free...?" But I did it, for the first time ever, and at first it seemed like it would all go well. Lauren (for such is her name) was taken a little by surprise, and was flustered, and so quite reasonably couldn't think of some time when she was free, and so asked me to come back into the store where she works over the weekend. Which was exciting - it introduced suspense. And dramatic tension. (I have a tendency to think of life in terms of theatrics, though thankfully only in hindsight these days, rather than as it happens...)

I cracked too early on Saturday, going into the store before she started her afternoon shift. It should be noted that, throughout this experience, I had nervous energy leaking out my ears, even manifesting as a bout of cleaning (as Julian wisely suggested it would - or perhaps should). Thankfully, we needed milk, so I found an easy excuse to return later in the afternoon, where Lauren asked someone else to cover the till so she could follow me out and talk with me.

She was so nice. And cute. But while she was flattered, and had thought a lot about my offer (which in itself made me all tingly), she had decided she shouldn't take me up on it. She's seeing someone, apparently, who has just returned from overseas. But she did say she'd take a raincheck...

So it was a no, but probably the best of all possible nos. And it taught me a few things, most importantly that girls won't think you're Satan if you ask them out when you hardly know them, and that they might just say yes.

All in all a positive experience.

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