Ah, hangovers...I had forgotten thee. Thank you brain, for remembering to drink water last night, otherwise I might be worse off than just a thumping headache. My mortality is firmly re-established. I am sitting on a mate's couch as I type this, having crashed here in the aftermath of a party for what must be the first time in a couple of years. Also good to know I can still flirt up a storm; pity she had a boyfriend, but it's important to practise. My mobile phone battery is flat, and the host and his lady have gone out for breakfast with her parents, so use someone else's Internet time until they return.

There's some good stuff coming up for Planet Nerd. Indeed, there has been some good stuff on it recently. If you don't live in Melbourne, or can't get C31 where you are (and if you haven't tried for a long time, it's worth doing so again - they had a bigger transmitter set up in the last year or so) you can now see us online not just at planetnerd.tv but also in glorious video podcast. You can subscribe via iTunes or, if you use some other podcasting solution™, there's the full episodes feed (be warned, each episode is around 300MB) or the segments feed (still quite big, around 50MB each).

And, hey, just to blow my own trumpet (fnar), I am featured in the July issue of Australasian Science magazine as the monthly "cool scientist". Shame there's no mention of my web site or Planet Nerd in it, but still, you know. I'm on the way.

Sorry I'm not on here much at the moment; my Internet access is mainly through work at the moment and its been too busy for much goofing off. You'll all know when I get a new place though, because I'll be too excited to contain myself.

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