...bet you were wondering when I'd use that one, weren't you?

Life is back to being busy again, so it's time for me to pimp my next gig: Not the Nobel Prize.

This is a collaboration between the Melbourne Museum and the Comedy Festival to celebrate Science Week, and I'm very chuffed to have been asked. Four comedians will question four scientists in an attempt to determine which of them is presenting a real scientific concept, and which are making stuff up. I'll be on the comedians side along with some big names in comedy - Tommy Dean, Cal Wilson, and - wait for it - Sue-Ann Post! Should be a metric truckload of fun for fans of science or comedy, and if you like both, well, then it'll be a kilotruckload of fun - that's three orders of magnitude more fun!

It's on August 24 at 7pm, with a second show at 9pm (though I think that one's yet to be confirmed). I am but a humble entertainer in this enterprise, so if you want to come you need to book - I don't think it's a big theatre. Tickets are $12/$10, and the booking number is 13 11 02.
The first review of the new show is up at the Groggy Squirrel. The verdict is beautifully clear from the opening two words: "Science-ology Rocks!"

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