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I bought an iPod. It's probably the loveliest piece of technology I have ever owned. Since my laptop is named Soundwave, I have named my iPod Ratbat and my iPhone Laserbeak. Nerds love naming things, don't we?

But this initiated my pending big project - moving my iTunes library from my old desktop PC (rarely used now) to my laptop. I have used the official Apple guide to doing so, along with this guide from blogger David Kadavy. It's not quite done yet, I'll let you know how I go!

I'm also a bit excited because I bought tickets for Bill Bailey's new show, Tinselworm. Should be a corker.

One last thing - if you've been meaning to come down and support The Crew, this Sunday would be an excellent time to do so. We won't be back for a while - not before November at the earliest - and we've been doing it tough, so your support would be appreciated. Details on the web site, as usual.

Okay, so I have been seriously thinking about getting a 3G phone. I really want something with Internet, that has decent battery life, and which I can use to sync with or access my online calendar. And it seems all these desires point to iPhone. Today, I found out my telecom company, Virgin, now offers them, and on a pretty good deal. Plus, well, I started running a (very sporadic) D&D campaign recently, and... Well, I just found Mach Dice. It's not just a dice roller, it's a ridiculously pretty dice roller.

I can't quite get past the fact that I just bought an 80GB iPod mere months ago. Even though I'd primarily use an iPhone as a phone (and even a 16GB one couldn't hold all my music anyway), I don't know if I can justify having two super expensive gadgets like that. I didn't even get a DS until it was my birthday. And yet...well, it just seems to do what I want better than anything else on the market.

It doesn't help that I just adopted my work's only Macintosh, a little Mac Mini, unused since our previous developer left many months ago. It's feeding my love of all things Mac, and by extension Apple. If they can make a Mac, surely they can't mess up a phone?

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