Yes, it's Fringe time again! And yes, I'm in stuff. Only a couple of things - the work never stops for the Anarchist Guild Social Committee, after all - but if you're not inspired to attend or watch the Grand Final, I do have an alternative for your Saturday afternoon:

Shaolin Punk presents
Set List
An improvised music show starring cabaret superstar Karin Muiznieks (Give My Regards to Broady), rock’n'roll nerd Ben McKenzie (Science-ology) and musical impro genius Dan Walmsley (Musical Director, Impro Sundae).

A made-up band plays made-up songs written on the spot from your suggestions, in a different genre for each show.

Saturday afternoons during Fringe:
September 27 - Folk; October 4 - Jazz; October 11 - Rock
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM, Old Council Chambers, Trades Hall
Tickets $15 / $12; book at or get tickets at the Bella Union box office, Trades Hall
If you do like footy, then I also have you covered: come see the 2008 AFL Season Review on Tuesday night, September 30. 75 minutes of sketches, stand-up, song and otherwise hilarious footy nonsense at the New Ballroom, Trades Hall.
I didn't get a chance to write about it on here, what with moving in the intervening five days between being told and the event, but yesterday was the last Impro Sundae for The Crew. I've been with them over a year now, and I've always been immensely proud to be part of a team that have produced a weekly impro comedy show consistently for more than six years...and now it's over, with hardly any notice from management and so no time to organise a proper send off. It's very sad...but while it may be the end of Impro Sundae, we will return with a regular show somewhere, sometime.

But in happier news, tonight I will watch, with the usual suspects, the last two episodes of series three of Doctor Who. I am excited. I mean, Utopia's main plot was nothing special, but that last half...? Derek Jacobi as...well, as you-know-who, assuming you do? Awesome. And of course I won't do more than vaguely allude to what happened after, but hot damn.

I've had The Sound of Drums in my hot little hands for a week - and not watched it. I've managed not to spoil myself for it either. Or the last episode, about which I know bugger all except that it's 51 minutes long. It's...well, how much television can cause this much excitement? In my case, almost none. Doctor Who's effect is magical. I mean, come on - anything that can make me take leave of my reason and cause me to watch Torchwood must be putting the 'fluence on me, surely?

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