There's a double meaning in that...

There are some (mostly) nice reviews of Evolutionary on the talkfringe web site, if you'd care to read them. A review will also be published in the magazine of the AEU's SA branch; apparently the reviewer enjoyed the show, so I'm looking forward to getting my copy in the mail. All this attention came too late to boost ticket sales but at least I can use it to fuel publicity for whatever I do next...
Audiences have been enjoying the show, but numbers have been highly variable. Most nights have been quiet, a few like Wednesday only seeming full thanks to friends showing up. But tonight I have both a judge and a reviewer in the audience, so the pressure is on a little. Let's hope I can get a reasonable crowd along.

I think if I ever do this again, I will have a director, a producer, some publicity advice and a much better idea of the city and festival before I arrive. Touring is an expensive business...
I had a good crowd for last night's opening, about 36 people. I ended up working with a microphone to try and save my voice, though that and the new stage made me feel a little off and I overcompensated with a lot of ad libbing, much of which I'm trying desperately to remember because some of it got some great laughs. The show went well, the first couple of university lecturers to come along liked it and will let their students know.

I had a few drinks after the show with one of my Adelaide friends and slunk home. My throat feels pretty rough today, and I'm a bit worried about doing two shows on Sunday, but the show must go on, as they say.
Just to show me they appreciate their starring role in my show, a bunch of microorganisms have decided to swarm and multiply in my throat, first making their presence felt at 5am on the morning I left for Adelaide. I'm booked in to see a doctor today; we'll see how the little bastards do trying to evolve their way around some antibiotics...

In other news, the response to my emails to a couple of the universities here, advising academic staff they could have free tickets for the first few shows, has been overwhelming. So far there are about a dozen of them coming, some bringing paying family members and at least two considering bringing large groups of students. I think this is a win.

In addition to the 75 pre-booked tickets (though it may be more than that now - the laptop I'm using to access the Internet at the house doesn't have Acrobat Reader so I can't view my updated bookings), I'm warmed by everyone's advice that Adelaide crowds are keener than those in Melbourne and rarely book - so I should be able to expect some decent door sales (which is nice and healthy for the hip-pocket, since I don't pay the Fringe ticketing fees on those).

So, all in all, if my tonsils aren't eaten by germs I should have a successful show on my hands...

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